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Friday, November 17, 2006

clear warm sunny day.

last night after returning to the dorm,my baby's mother soon buzzed in
and in our talk she was very cordial.then i do some reading to the
autobiography of Margaret Hilda Thatcher while leting the rodio
on.after 10 pm i wandered awhile in the room and fell into deep love
and deep sorrow for my baby.i sorry i didn't choose the internet cafe
near his mother's home when i knew i had choice to pick a closer cafe
with a more possible to visit him after posting, but i chose a near
cafe to discipline myself and my baby.in a moment i decided to visit
my baby and stay there a night to compensate my sorrow.then i headed
on when its almost 11 pm.when i arrived the house was dark and after i
turned on bedroom lamp i found his mother breasting him.i held his arm
and felt so dear.after i settled his mother spent quite some time to
let him sleep.and i had a very sound and consolidated sleep.in the
morning his mother got up early to put him on but i just felt
sleepy,for recently i never got up so early.when they ate their
breakfast my baby approached me to wake me up to eat,and i got up
immediately.the morning spent holding my baby playing in the rooms.he
just like to play with all the household materials.when its 10:30 am i
held him outside to receive his mother.just after we got to the ground
he slept on my shoulders and he slept about an hour outside.thx the
sun so bright and warm,he slept very sound.when we turned around and
found the door of the school open and we entered.just a few steps we
saw his mother coming on her bike.at lunch i turned on tv and watch
cctv news and commented the most thing i like to do with cctv was to
dissect it,for its really smothering,quite some original provincial tv
like hunan tv and zhejiang tv,all fade into humdrum for had no access
to independent news under the nowaday censory.then i talked about a
topic detailed last night radio about some universities limited their
students from using their pc by cut down power supply after 0 pm or
even 10:30 pm,i commented dog always likes biting.then i suddenly
recognized at least one of daughters of the old woman married a
cop.maybe her own husband also a cop.i laid aside the idea when i let
my baby playing most of the afternoon,but when its near 4 pm i took a
glimpse into the possiblity of the spy of the old woman and possible
plot concocted by cops around my baby and my old family.then the old
woman urged me to leave.she warmed up some bean juice with mahua(fried
needle) for my baby,when i commented its tasteless she replied my baby
liked it.since the old woman arrived the home was stuffed with all
kinds of biscuits and fruits.i never fed my baby soon frequently daily
with those boughted packed foods.she also seldom cook a changing
diet.most of time in winter our dish was carrot and cabbage sliced
into pieces.my baby sensed my leaving and asked for the caress of the
old woman in advance,leting me doubting her silent exertion on my baby
in these days.
however,she was leaving.my baby's mother told me last time she will be
replaced by the kid sister of her mother.no matter how the evils
brewing,none can harm my baby in fact and indeed.that's my
understanding to the final.
bye.i love u.in these days i also felt hatred toward u and sometimes
indifferent to ur presence.but quite sometimes i felt ur message,ur
love to me must be under deep distort by the animosity and i sure we r
the loved and the coupled with their fruits.
kiss u with bright.

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