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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

clear sunny day.

i woke up at 8:23 am and got up at 9:00 am.i dreamed the ceremony of
the prc's foundation,in which mao acted as a crabbed host and zhude
offer a lecture of reciting his poem in traditional chinese poem
form.i went to see my baby son at once.my baby again hide himself in
the hug of the old woman when caught sight of me.but he immediately
approached me and cried when i insisted kissing his leg.all morning i
held him playing at home,till near 10:30 he slept on my shoulders.i
tied him with a carpet of whose two side i held tight to keep warm and
rest his wrest when he slept on my neck.his mother's return woke him
up and his mother busy with let me restore her os and installed again
the domestic antivirus soft titled rising.after lunch we played with
our baby awhile while continuing installation and backup.then we
haunted outside.his mother headed to her school and we toddled on the
street toward the school.when we arrived there and found its door half
open we slided in.a class there having sport lesson and we played on
the yard and gradually approached the teaching building.some students
on the corridor cleaning the ladder and stainless steel bar of the
ladder.my baby stood motionlessly there watched them working.some
teachers acquainted with us.even i felt we r venturing to enter the
working area but we finally retreated to the outer yard again without
any retardment in the building while some men and women busy around.in
the sports yard we played awhile a ditched football till his mother
catched us and urged us to leave.my baby cried awhile after left the
school and i bought an icecream and a bag of inflation food for him
and he demanded eating the icecream at once and we did.he liked the
icecream.i bought some dates(zhao) from the fruit shop on the way,in
memory my search for u.we again played on the waiting room and when i
started to sing loudly my baby slept on my shoulders again.from 3:30
to 4:30 he slept sound on my neck.when i attempted to shift him to bed
he woke up.and i returned after my baby peacefully farewelled to me.

at dinner i sat a table with 3 girls likely middle school students.i
drank a bottle of bear for the dish is greasy.when i let out bubble
from my belly,the girl facing me responded and let me smiled a lot.

last night in the cafe i was heavily hacked.a website of www.pxdxa.com
was blocked for quite some time and let me doubting if its shut.so
when i surf with proxy i checked it and found its well working.so i
started to download my pda a doc editor but dogs not let me having it
to correct my blog they frequently modified within my account they
broke in and let the pc hanged.i reset two times but it still
illworking,so i changed a pc but it again being hacked to err and when
i killed some suspectable process it rebooted itself.then i left.dog
really saw more and more their losing.

bye.i love u.kiss u with warm heart.

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