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Thursday, November 16, 2006

weak sunshine afternoon

i finished registering my account at www.livejournal.com at
http://benzillar.livejournal.com then left.before i finished a dog
seated aside,likely a cop in guise.the cafe titled freedom cafe but
still its very slow when i open a web page,indicating under
supervision of dog.afternoon i laid on bed listening radio but later
the power was cut temperary for about an hour and i stayed in
silence.dog hunting around and let me uncomfortable.sometimes i felt
feeding up with dog but i calmed myself that they just let me remember
my responsibility to cover their corpses with earth on time the day
they doomed.the three cafes near the dorm zone all likely wired to
monitor me, and i lost most of my time on web these days to read my
google contents for i had to fight for a viable proxy to post to my
blog at blogger.its a hunting but i was just bugged to unease.the day
they lose seen by all foresighted people.
bye.i love u.kiss u with blossom.

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