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Saturday, November 18, 2006

ordinary sunny afternoon

the cafe i surfed in the morning banned modifying its ie settings so i
can't use proxy.my email blog to blogger.com was blocked or captured
while email to post to googlegroup succeeded.when i arrived my baby's
mother's home his grandmom there.i soon held him outside to receive
his mother.on the way he fell into sleep on my shoulders.when his
mother appeared in the crowd of the students he woke up.we ate some
croakers at lunch.after lunch i busy with boasting my work last night
for making her googlepages ready and she admitted it.then the two old
sisters went to shower and my baby was held by his mother haunting
outside,leaving me alone trying to do some final touch to her
googlepages.but i soon fed up with slow speed and gave up.then i
operated on pc offline to sort my sd card of my pda,and attempting to
find my heading works when i worked for qrrs cable tv but in vain.time
glides and then all members returned.my baby slept sound in his
mother's arms and till i finished my dinner he woke up from bedroom.we
ate dumplines at dinner.then i docked a cafe far from qrrs dorm zone
but near then the cafe i surfed in the morning.i tried quite some pcs
but most of its front usb port was disabled.and in the process i lost
its registry card.it took me 10 yuan as key money and likely a dispute
awaiting me.
bye.i love u.kiss u with jeer.

heavily hacked.proxy mostly blocked.google logined but returned a
interface without due logined information while open www.gmail.com it
open ur email box.dog captured and manipulated byte flows.

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